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VCEL was established in the year 2003. Since then we have earned a reputation of being one the premium Structural design firm based out of Western India.

Structural design might be taught by the academia in the field of engineering and science. However excellent design is never possible without creativity and imagination. At Vastech we look at design as an art form which starts from the imagination of the designer and then travels through the journey of detailed mathematical calculations before it gets rolled out as good for construction drawings. All our engineers are encouraged to imagine the structure and its behaviour under various anticipated loads and to then use the computer to simulate such behaviour and get a thorough "feel" of their structure. Unlike design in most other fields like cars or phones or clothes, a buildings design is always unique. No two buildings are the same. As such every designer who is designing a building needs to understand the very specific nature of their product. Computers of course are a huge help in aiding this process of visualisation. We invest heavily on computers and softwares and also on staff training.


Vastech has spent its first phase in the Indian market in focusing on quality of design and upgrading our own benchmarks of service delivery.

Going forward, our mission is to be rated among the top structural design firms in the country as far as quality of design and quality of service provided is concerned.

The focus shall always remain on quality on service and not on the volume of works. As always re-commit to a strive to achieve the architects dream at lowest cost to client.

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