Super Structure

Seismic engineering

Earthquake engineering is a wide field that encompasses a broad range of specialist skills ranging form geology, seismology, geotechnical and structural engineering to risk analysis. We have built up expertise in all these areas and have applied these skills successfully to an extensive portfolio of projects ranging from traditional building and industrial structures to infrastructure projects. through our multidisciplinary approach, we are not only able to provide our clients with high performance structure but also designs that ensure cost and time efficient solutions.

Pre Stressing

Pre stressing is increasingly being used in buildings in anchorages in basements and also in slabs. We have always ensured that we do our own designs for such pre stressed elements instead off leaving it to the vendors. We are fully equipped to design as well as check any prestressed element and have all the softwares needed to do so too.

Sub Structure

Rock Anchors

Vastech has done a range of rock anchor design including inclined anchors for temporary retention and vertical anchors offers huge economy to clients. vastech expertise in post tensioning gives us an edge in designing active pre-stressed anchors.

Foundation Engineering

Vastech offers comprehensive services in ground technology, rock mechanics foundation engineering, rock anchoring and ground hydrology and site investigation. From analysis of strata to ascertaining the appropriate foundation system for the project vastech has developed through proficiency in this field. Our comprehensive experience in PT raft Designs and passive and active rock anchor designs has lead to an in house ability to offer the best foundation solution.

Steel Structure

Steel Structure follow a different design philosophy when compared to concrete structures. while the trend of full scale building designs using steel is steel to pick up momentum in India, peripheral structures like copies bridges skylights etc get designed in steel. Vastech has a dedicated team to design steel structures as ensuring economy as well as architectural delight together is often a task that needs dedicated attention.

Other Services

Peer Review

Most structural designs today go through a procedure of peer review. Often we are also engaged as a reviewer to other consultants design. The process of reviewing is quiet different form the process of designing itself. The primary focus has to be on ensuring that there is no fundamental mistake or error in the original design. The response also has to be extremely quick. We have our own systems internally to quickly do a review of a design and submit reports to the client.

Design and Build

Due to our emphasis on economy and quantity survey we have become a designer of choice to contractors who wish to bid for jobs on a design and build basis. We have a robust process to analyse a building quickly, break it into elements, and design key elements thereby arriving at a very accurate quantity estimate within a couple of weeks. This is used for the purpose of bidding. Subsequently we have always ensured that the final quantity consumptions are not a big percentage away form the initial estimates. In such jobs we are forced to focus on economy and these sharpen our engineers skills internally to make it a habit to keep economy as the top deliverable along with stability.

Framework Design

Vastech has extended their arm in this field with our design background. Our understanding of structural behavior and knowledge of material properties. Offer us a position of a strength to design the form work.

Quantity Survey

Providing an economical solution to our client is a responsibility which we rank right at the top along with providing a stable structure. The first step to keeping our focus on economy is to be know the exact material consumptions of our designs. We therefore have a QS team which is equipped to very quickly take off all quantities from our drawings. We provide such information to our clients, including diameter wise steel requirements. This helps the clients in procurement and also ensures that wastage are controlled at site.